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        Contact Us

        Hi — we're happy to hear from you! Use our contacts below to find more information about us.

        Global Headquarters
        San Francisco
        2 Folsom St.
        San Francisco, CA 94105
        Other headquarters locations

        Nations House Wigmore St, Marylebone, London W1U 1QS, United Kingdom

        +44 20 7518 6100

        New York Product Development
        55 Thomas St.
        New York, New York, 10013

        675 Avenue of the Americas
        New York, New York, 10011


        49/53 Avenue des Champs Elysees
        75008 Paris
        +33 0 1 5389 2300

        60 Bloor St., West, Suite 1501
        Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3B8

        Gap Beijing Commercial Co., Ltd.
        Room 825
        138 Wangfujing Ave.
        Beijing, 100006

        Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku
        Tokyo, 151-0051

        Gap Commercial Co., Ltd.
        Level 3, 863 West Nanjing Road
        Shanghai 200040

        Contact Us: Investors and Press

        The following contact information is for press editorial and investor inquiries only.

        E-mail us

        Investor information: investor_relations@gap.com

        Gap Inc. brands, global business and financial inquiries: press@gap.com

        Gap brand fashion inquiries: Gap_Press@gap.com

        Banana Republic fashion inquiries: BR_press@gap.com

        Old Navy fashion inquiries: OldNavy_Press@gap.com

        Athleta fashion inquiries: Athleta_press@gap.com

        Employment inquiries: Jobs@gap.com

        Customer Service

        Gap, Gap Outlet
        (800) GAP-STYLE
        www.gap.com/customerservice www.gapfactory.com/customerservice

        Banana Republic, Banana Republic Factory Stores
        Factory Stores
        (888) BR-STYLE
        www.bananarepublic.com/customerservice www.bananarepublicfactory.com/customerservice


        Old Navy
        (800) OLD-NAVY

        (877) 3ATHLETA

        Information Requests

        Due to the volume of requests, we’re unable to respond individually or grant informational interviews. And for competitive reasons, we don’t disclose our marketing and advertising plans or business strategies. Still, you will find a lot of useful information about us throughout the site.

        Permission Requests
        We do not grant permission to use or modify our trademarks, logos, images, advertising or similar materials for any of our brands or businesses. It is your responsibility to determine whether your proposed use is legally permissible, for example, as “fair use.” Due to the volume of requests and the time and cost involved, we’re unable to respond to these types of requests.

        Gap Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals or requests for sponsorships. We partner with a limited number of national, regional and local community organizations in line with our target causes: underserved youth in the developed world and women in the developing world.

        New Vendors
        We do not consider proposals or suggestions regarding new products or advertising campaigns from outside people or business entities.

        Gap Foundation typically does not make merchandise donations by request. We partner with Gifts In Kind International (GIKI) to process all merchandise donations that become available. Interested nonprofit organizations may sign up with GIKI to potentially receive donations from Gap Inc. and all of GIKI's other clients.

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